A diversity fairy tale

Once upon a time, Jude Higdon had a baby girl who, after a few years, grew into a happy, healthy preschooler. Jude thought a lot about what might be possible for his daughter in life, and in doing so, he was deeply concerned by the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields. He wanted to tell not just his daughter, but all girls, that they have inherent potential to become scientists, and that big scientific challenges need the involvement of girls and women. He also wanted to tweak the princess narrative that fascinates so many young girls, and so he instituted a rule that his daughter could certainly “be a princess” if she wanted to, but she had to contribute to society by being a princess SOMETHING: architect, poet, engineer, teacher, musician, shoeshiner… anything. No one gets to sit around just being royalty. So he wrote a book called Maya, Princess Scientist, and you can download it here for free in .pdf format. The book is free and meant to be enjoyed by all. If you would like to support QSIDE’s continued work, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

Of course, inspiring young girls is part of the solution, but it’s not enough. We must all work to make the world of science accessible to all not-men, and to make it a much more safe and inclusive place for them to be.