QSIDE’s art study strikes again

Recently, in ArtNews:

Museums will soon have a new resource to help them identify—and correct—gender disparity among artists in their collections. In 2020, the Spanish advocacy nonprofit Mujeres en las Artes Visuales (MAV) will release a digital-analysis service providing details on the gender breakdown of a museum’s holdings, and offer tailored recommendations for methods of improvement.

The service’s features will include being able to analyze how much money museums are spending on the acquisition of works by women compared to those by men. Additionally, the site will compare how much space those works occupy in galleries and how much time each work is on view to the public.

The tool arrives amid an increased push for more diverse representation in the collections of museums in the United States and abroad. Earlier this year, researchers at Williams College published the results of a survey of the collections of 18 major U.S. museums: 85.4 percent of the works were found to have been created by white artists, and 87.4 percent by men.

It’s exciting and encouraging to see the impact of our study!