If you donate we will give pro-bono support to job candidates regarding writing diversity statements

tl;dr: Donate to QSIDE by 11:59 Pacific time on Sunday, Dec. 1 to support pro bono consulting services for graduate students and postdocs who are applying for tenure stream positions and would like feedback/advice on equity/diversity/inclusion plans. Donate here.

Yesterday, I posted at length about an episode involving a UC Davis math professor who thinks that asking academic job candidates for statements about how they will contribute to equity/diversity/inclusion is equivalent to McCarthyism.

You can see that post and/or discussions on Twitter if you want to unpack the episode.

Diversity statements are good sense, as teaching and collaborating with diverse audiences in an inclusive way is a key part of being in higher education (or at least, it SHOULD be). Since QSIDE is all about action, we are going to give pro bono diversity statement support to graduate students and postdocs who are applying for academic jobs in any field.

Here’s how our fundraiser works.

Donate any amount. For every $100 raised, we will provide one hour of consulting to a graduate student or postdoc who is on the job market for tenure track jobs right now, or who will be next year. Specifically, we will give feedback on any existing diversity statement the candidate has written, and/or we will help develop an equity/diversity/inclusion plan in concert with the candidate. We will publicize the opportunity widely and if many candidates request help, we will choose an appropriate number by lottery. We will cap the number of pro-bono hours given to 10.

For any individual who donates $500 or more, the benefactor can, if they wish, designate two people who should receive one hour of consulting services. They can designate individuals, specific groups (e.g., two graduate students in the Clown College Department of Mathematical Sciences), or very general groups (e.g., Black women seeking tenure track positions in any field). We will translate up to ten $500+ gifts into consulting.

The use of the pro bono services will be completely confidential, meaning that we will never share any information about who we help (other than the total number of individuals).

QSIDE is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax deductible, and all donations will be used in pursuit of our vision. By bringing quantitative expertise together with expertise from the social sciences, humanities, and arts, we discover the impact and scope of injustices and build solutions to remedy them. Donate now!

Message to Ephblog: We eagerly anticipate a donation from you! And regardless, if you have to hunt for a job, we will gladly give you advice on diversity statements.

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