Capacity Building


Maya, Princess Scientist

This imaginative and freely downloadlable children’s storybook tells girls that they have inherent potential to become scientists, and that big scientific challenges need their involvement.

Skills training

Data Science Boot Camp (Williams College), January 2020

This three-week long intensive boot camp, co-organized by the QSIDE Director in his role as a faculty member at Williams College provides data science training at a beginner’s level to 10 faculty scholars selected by competitive admission and supported by a grant from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation through Williams College. These scholars come from the fields of Africana studies, athletics, biology, English, Geosciences, history, romance languages, science and technology studies, sociology, and theatre. The boot camp has three components

  • Guest lectures from scholars and practitioners from diverse fields who will demonstrate the wide variety of settings in which data science is productively used,
  • Data science learning modules designed to teach fundamental skills in coding, data acquisition, data cleaning, and data visualization, and
  • A self-selected project in which each participant brings a data science perspective to a problem from their field of expertise

Following completion of the three week session, participants receive ongoing project support from the boot camp organizers.

Research Conferences

Modeling female and minority representation in society, July 2019

Sara Clifton and Kaitlin Hill organized this minisymposium at the 2019 Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Topics included gender bias in professional hierarchies, cross-professional gender representation, dynamics of unorganized segregation, and affirmative action in the college admissions pipeline.

Alliance to advance liberal arts colleges Faculty Workshop

Proposal in development

Institute for compUTATional and experimental research in mathematics HOT TOPICS WORKSHOP

Proposal in development

Community Building

Electronic and live networking opportunities

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