Criminal Justice

Impacts of California Proposition 47 on Crime In Santa Monica (2020)

Proposition 47 was a 2014 initiative that reclassified some non-violent felonies to misdemeanors. Using a publicly-available database compiled and maintained by the Santa Monica Police Department, we investigated whether the passage of Proposition 47 in the state of California had any impact on criminal activity, specifically crimes that were reclassified. We also study how the 2016 opening of four new light rail stations, and how more community-based policing starting in late 2018, impacted crime. Read more here

Analysis of Pre-Trial Hearings in Berkshire County Massachusetts (2019)

Courtwatching is a citizen-based data collection and accountability process. Everyday people volunteer their time to observe hearings, to record data on defendants, prosecutors, and judges, and to use that data to promote prosecutor accountability.
QSIDE volunteered for courtwatch programs to collect data, analyzing 300 hearings held in the Great Barrington Court in the Southern Berkshires. Read more here


 JUSTFAIR: Judicial System Transparency through Federal Archive Inferred Records, a database of criminal sentencing decisions made in federal district courts. We have compiled this data set from public sources including the United States Sentencing Commission, the Federal Judicial Center, the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system, and Wikipedia. With over 570,000 records from the years 2001 – 2018, JUSTFAIR is the first large scale, free, public database that links information about defendants and their demographic characteristics with information about their federal crimes, their sentences, and, crucially, the identity of the sentencing judge. Read more here

Work In Progress
  • Equity and sentencing habits of federal judges (2020, expected)