Current QSIDE Fellows

QSIDE Fellows are a diverse group of individuals working together to achieve QSIDE’s mission.

Haleemah Atobiloye

QSIDE Research Fellow, Summer 2021

Haleemah Atobiloye (she/her/hers) is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Development with a concentration in International Political Economy at Ohio University. Haleemah believes that diversity in all its forms is an integral part of humanity and should be treated with such importance. Haleemah brings this belief and her technical ability to conduct mixed-method social (science) research to her Research Fellow position at QSIDE.

Tyrone Bass

QSIDE Event Planning Fellow, Summer 2021

Tyrone Bass (he/him/his) is a rising senior at Bennington College, where he is majoring in Human Geography and Music Studies. He is currently writing his thesis on sound’s function in maintaining white supremacist space, and how an epistomological change to our listening practices might resist the invisible sonic politics of race in the US. Tyrone is excited to work with QSIDE to bring about positive change through a collaborative research paradigm, and find ways to use what he has learned to the goal of creating a more equitable future.

Emily Byers

QSIDE Senior Non-Profit Development Fellow, Summer 2021

Emily Byers (she/her/hers) is currently on a gap year before starting at Amherst College this Fall. Thus far, she has spent her interim year strengthening her Spanish language skills in Madrid, Spain while also tutoring children in English as a second language. Serving as a Senior Development Fellow this summer, Emily is excited to contribute to creating spaces for meaningful discussion amongst researchers, activists, and students alike.

Phebe Chen

QSIDE Social Media Management Fellow, Summer 2021

Phebe Chen (she/her/hers) is a rising Sophomore at Macalester College pursuing a double major in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Economics. With her strong interest in Mathematics and Data Science, she is excited to work with QSIDE as a Social Media Management Fellow, to create awareness on topics of social justice. Outside of the classroom, Phebe enjoys playing golf for Macalester College.

Celina Einem

QSIDE Development Fellow, Summer 2021

Celina Einem (she/they) is a rising Senior at Bennington College studying music composition, sound design, and sociology. They have a passion for working-class studies, cultural sociology, and audio storytelling. Along with their work at QSIDE, Celina is currently finishing a solo album, beginning work on a multidisciplinary auditory thesis exploring the political and ethical outlooks of working-class and low-income members of Generation Z in the United States, and working as a Music Development intern at A24. She is excited to help illuminate institutional bias in order to work towards a more equitable future, and to help make educational resources on data science for social justice accessible to the public through her work with QSIDE!

Owen Koppe

QSIDE Grant Management and Fundraising Development Fellow, Summer 2021

Owen Koppe (he/him/his) is an incoming Freshman at the University of Utah, where he plans to double major in Applied Mathematics and Economics. He is excited to get to explore the intersections of his interests in social justice and mathematics this summer as a QSIDE Fellow. Outside of academics Owen races mountain bikes and runs ultra marathons.

Sophie Rubenfeld

QSIDE Affiliate Management and Communications Fellow, Summer 2021

Sophie Rubenfeld (she/her/hers) is a rising Junior at Hamilton College, where she is majoring in Public Policy and Mathematics. With a passion for social justice and a strong interest in quantitative policy analysis and advocacy, she is excited to work with QSIDE in developing the Communities of Practice Program this summer.  When not in the classroom, Sophie is active in her local Jewish community and enjoys skiing for the Hamilton College Alpine Ski Team!

Past QSIDE Fellows