Datathon4Justice 2022

Thanks to all who participated in this remarkable event! We had more than 150 registrants from 35 colleges and universities and several non-profits, mission-driven organizations, and for-profits who came together to analyze data and help build tools for ongoing analysis and action!

Participating organizations include Agnes Scott, Augsburg, Bard, Cal Poly Pomona, Century, Clark, Colgate, College of William and Mary, Colorado State, Cornell, Denison, Enlightened Pathways, Epic, Florida Atlantic, Indeed, Lewis, Macalester, Michigan State University, Mt. Holyoke, Northeastern, Northwestern, NYU, Pitzer, Portland Community College, Prison Fellowship, Rochester, Seattle University, Simpson, Smith, Southwestern, University of California, Los Angeles, University of California, San Diego, University of Michigan, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, University of Wisconsin, USC, Vanderbilt, Wartburg, and Williams!