DRIVER (Diversity in Research through InclusiVe and Equitable Referencing) is a collectively built database of scholarly work by researchers marginalized by race/ethnicity, gender, gender presentation, disability status, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, or other axes of identity. Our goal is to encourage the citation of marginalized scholars in academic and scholarly works to help further their careers.

How DRIVER Works:

You submit a paper, CV, or link to research to QSIDE. We handle the rest! We use your submissions to build a comprehensive database of minoritized scholars and their research across all areas.

How submissions to the DRIVER database work.

How to Get Involved:

Share with us your work, the work of a colleague, or a paper you think deserves more recognition. We take submissions in all forms: papers, CVs, and links to source material. We handle it from there! Each submission, even one paper, helps our database grow and helps build momentum for marginalized scholars.

At any stage of the research production process: literature reviews, data collection, data analysis, or publishing, consult DRIVER. Use the database to search and cite scholars who have laid the foundation for the work you are continuing.

Any and all submissions help us collectively build a more robust database and feature more minoritized scholars and their work! Invite colleagues, friends, and networks to submit their own work.