Samuel Sinyangwe

Samuel Sinyangwe, Founder, Mapping Police Violence & Police Scorecard


Abstract: Learn how data is being used to develop and implement solutions that can effectively reduce police violence in America.

Bio: A data scientist and policy analyst who co-founded Mapping Police Violence, Campaign Zero and the Police Scorecard to advance data-driven solutions to end police violence in America. Previously, Sam worked at PolicyLink, where he worked to connect 61 federally-funded communities to research-based strategies to build cradle-to-career systems of support for low-income families. He has also helped city leaders, youth activists and community organizations develop citywide agendas to achieve quality education, health, and justice for young black men. Sam grew up in Orlando, FL, and has been involved in community organizing and advocacy since he was in high school. He graduated from Stanford University in 2012, where he studied how race and racism impact the U.S. political system.