Current QSIDE Fellows

QSIDE Fellows are a diverse group of individuals working together to achieve QSIDE’s mission.

Emily Byers

QSIDE Fellow, Spring 2021

Emily Byers (she/her/hers) is currently on a gap year before starting at Amherst College this Fall. Thus far, she has spent her interim year strengthening her Spanish language skills in Madrid, Spain while also tutoring children in English as a second language. Serving as the QSIDE Event Planning Fellow, Emily is excited to contribute to creating spaces for meaningful discussion amongst researchers, activists, and students alike.

Kendall Clark

QSIDE Fellow, Spring 2021

Kendall Clark (she/her/hers) is a sophomore at Northwestern University, pursuing degrees in German and computer science as well as a certificate from the Brady Scholars Program for Ethics and Civic Life. With a background in mathematical research and a passion for social justice, she is one of QSIDE’s Data Analysis, Visualization, and Storytelling interns. Last fall, Kendall collaborated on developing a series of visualizations to showcase the amount of diverse representation in the arts. In addition to continuing this work, she will be serving as QSIDE’s Grant Management and Fundraising Development Fellow in spring 2021.

Isabel Fields

QSIDE Senior Fellow, Spring 2021

Isabel Fields (she/her) is a Senior at Smith College majoring in Women and Gender Studies and minoring in Economics. She is passionate about the economics and quantitative side behind social justice, gender equity, LGBTQ+ rights, and disability. She has previously worked at Nike as a Social & Community Impact intern, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations Foundation, Planned Parenthood, and Iron Mountain.

Mackenzie McIntyre

QSIDE Fellow, Fall 2020

Mackenzie McIntyre (she, her, hers) comes to QSIDE as the Data Storytelling & Visualization intern. She is a budding journalist, a passionate activist, and a trained scientist. She graduated from the University of Michigan in 2016 with degrees in International Human Rights and Environment Sustainability Science. Before pursuing her MPH at the Boston University School of Public Health, she traveled for two years as a Bonderman Fellow, exploring the impact of globalization on health equity, cultural imperialism, and community identity. She has partnered with organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Boston Housing Authority, and Supreme Sanitary Pads, Malawi. Currently, she is working with the COVID Response Corps to create a predictive model for COVID-19 vaccine distribution in prisons, jails, and ICE detention centers.

Cecilia Gao

QSIDE Fellow, Spring 2021

Cecilia Gao (she/they) is a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Cognitive Science and Linguistics. As an Affiliate Management and Communications Fellow, she hopes to amplify awareness of QSIDE’s mission and programming across academic spaces and other communities. Personally, Cecilia is most interested in exploring issues of educational equity, sociolinguistics, and gender equity. Her greatest sources of joy are well-planned systems of public transit and handwritten letters.

Haley Taylor

QSIDE Senior Fellow, Spring 2021

Haley Taylor (she/her/hers) has just joined QSIDE as the non profit development intern! Hailing from the Bronx, she is a current senior at Colgate University, double majoring in educational studies and psychology. At her school, she enjoys working with other students through student organizations, the Cultural Center, orientation, and the Office of Admission. Haley joined us at QSIDE because she believes that data is a powerful way to name and address systemic issues. She hopes that the work QSIDE does can be used to support and amplify what people have been saying for decades: that we need change.

Eric Young

QSIDE Fellow, Spring 2021

Eric Young is a former professional cyclist currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics with a focus in Statistics and Data Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He believes strongly in the power and need of education, knowledge, and information to improve the world we live in. As a Research Fellow with QSIDE, Eric hopes to create, promote, and learn from accurate information which can support dialogue and growth in the areas of equity and equality.

Past QSIDE Fellows