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Comparing Demographics of Signatories to Public Letters on Diversity in the Mathematical Sciences (2010)

Gender Representation on Journal Editorial Boards in the Mathematical Sciences (2016)

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In its December 2019 edition, the Notices of the American Mathematical Society published an essay critical of the use of diversity statements in academic hiring. The publication of this essay prompted many responses, including three public letters circulated within the mathematical sciences community. Each letter was signed by hundreds of people and was published online, also by the American Mathematical Society. We report on a study of the signatories’ demographics, which we infer using a crowdsourcing approach. Read the study here

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We study gender representation on the editorial boards of 435 journals in the mathematical sciences. Women are known to comprise approximately 15% of tenure-stream faculty positions in doctoral-granting mathematical sciences departments in the United States. Compared to this group, we find that 8.9% of the 13067 editorships in our study are held by women. We describe group variations within the editorships by identifying specific journals, subfields, publishers, and countries that significantly exceed or fall short of this average. Our findings provide the first measure of gender distribution on editorial boards in the mathematical sciences, offer insights that suggest future studies in the mathematical sciences, and introduce new methods that enable large-scale studies of gender distribution in other fields. Read our study here

Work In Progress
  • Attitudes towards immigration and the World Values Survey (ongoing)
  • A mathematical theory of group diversity (ongoing)
  • Communities and diversity in mathematical sciences publication co-authorship (ongoing)