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QSIDE provides a variety of different programs that allow participants to engage in data reseach and social justice projects. Our mission when conducting these events is to elevate voices and inspire change, capitalize minoritized scholars, and to support the next generation of social justice leaders. 

Our Programs:

 The Datathon4Justice will bring together multiple teams of seasoned and emerging data scientists, social scientists, and activists to work on a pre-scrubbed dataset to ask compelling questions, analyze data, and begin to use data to address real-world injustice, affect policy, and/or sway public opinion.


DRIVER (Diversity in Research through InclusiVe and Equitable Referencing) is a collectively built database of scholarly work by researchers marginalized by race/ethnicity, gender, gender presentation, disability status, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, or other axes of identity. Our goal is to encourage the citation of marginalized scholars in academic and scholarly works to help further their careers.

Submit a paper, CV, or link to research to QSIDE. We handle the rest! We use your submissions to build a comprehensive database of minoritized scholars and their research across all areas.

QSIDE Colloquium

QSIDE hosts a semi-monthly Colloquium series that features the research of scholars of marginalized identities and those conducting data science research into social justice. The QSIDE Colloquium has brought together hundreds of scholars and activists nationally to learn about methods, theory, and social justice research projects in our five research areas. Through the Colloquium, QSIDE provides an ongoing platform and elevation for the voices, research, and action of social justice scholarship.

Fellowship Program

Our fellowship program offers paid opportunities for college students to engage with non-profit development in all capacities. These positions require no prior experience and are ideal for individuals interested in learning more about non-profit development and management. All work duties are completed individually or collaboratively online. This position offers a unique experience to help build a non-profit from the ground up. A passion for social justice and data is required.

To become a QSIDE fellow please email a letter of interest, a copy of your resume, and a short cover letter explaining your interest to Jude Higdon-Topaz.

Grant Writing and Project Development

The QSIDE Institute has a broad coalition of data scientists, social scientists, humanities scholars, data storytellers, and activists who can support and supplement your team as you develop grants and projects. Please contact us for more information about how we can connect you with expertise, assist in grant writing, and develop your social justice data science projects.

As a small but growing startup non-profit committed to the using cutting-edge data science techniques to ask, answer, and address questions of social justice and inequality, your sponsorship of our key programs has an enormous impact.

One of the most impactful ways to support QSIDE and our work is through the sponsorship of our events and programming. There are five QSIDE programs for which sponsorships are available: Colloquium Series, Datathon4Justice, Data4Justice Conference, DRIVER program, and the Fellowship Program. There are four levels of sponsorship for each program: Platinum Sponsor, Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor, and Bronze Sponsor.