What We Do

Established as an independent institute in April, 2019 by Chad Topaz of Williams College, QSIDE fights for social justice through quantitative approaches to promoting inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Civil rights leader, educator, and investigative journalist Ida B. Wells said that “the way to right wrongs is to shine the light of truth upon them.” QSIDE’s approach is built on this idea. By bringing quantitative expertise together with expertise from the social sciences, humanities, and arts, we discover the impact and scope of injustices and build solutions to remedy them.

To achieve our goals, we have a four-fold strategy:

  • Build capacity for collaborative research via skills trainings, research conferences, and community building opportunities for quantitative scientists and social justice experts from other fields [see our work in this area]
  • Incubate, conduct, and disseminate cross-disciplinary quantitative social justice research [see our work in this area]
  • Inform the public through data transparency and sharing [see our work in this area]
  • Leverage our discoveries through partnerships with individuals and organizations empowered to act [see our work in this area]

Photo by Barnett, from http://blackusa.com/ida-b-wells-barnett via Wikimedia Commons.