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The QSIDE Affiliate program aims to create a broad community of individual allies and partners of our mission and of the larger goals of various social justice issues. Members of the Affiliate program compositely make up a set of individuals with diverse research backgrounds and social justice interests. As members of this community, they have access to Affiliate-exclusive programming, such as the  QSIDE Colloquium and the Affiliate-only Slack workspace that offers a place to share job and research opportunities, have discussions around various social justice and data-related topics, and build a community of QSIDE members and social justice allies.

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The QSIDE Consortium focuses on data science, social science, activism, and the social justice research that emerges from the intersection of all three. The Consortium brings together students and faculty members from academic institutions and social justice activism organizations to develop research teams, share expertise, and further the work of the organization. With this collaborative, QSIDE creates meaningful partnerships and research-to-action connections for social justice research. The Consortium includes individuals and departments from liberal arts colleges and research-intensive universities across the country.

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Please consider supporting the QSIDE research-to-action pipeline by donating in any amount. Your tax-deductible donation can be designated to support a specific type of research, or it can be unrestricted to be allocated to the areas in most urgent need.

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