High School Datathon4Justice

Brought to you by the National Math Festival and the QSIDE Institute

The National Math Festival and the QSIDE Institute are pleased to announce the inaugural High School Datathon4Justice, tentatively scheduled for the weekend of April 8-10, 2022! Modeled after our wildly successful fall 2021 University-level Datathon4Justice, this event will be coordinated with high-school math/data science programs and will focus on building skills, analyzing real-world data, and inspiring the next generation of student scholars to ask and answer pressing social justice, inclusion, and equity questions using powerful data techniques.

The Datathon4Justice is in the preliminary stages of planning, but we welcome interested parties to contact us about opportunities to be a participating high school. We also welcome inquiries about sponsorship opportunities.

Our Mission is to create a living community of high school students excited about the applications of mathematics in social justice endeavors. The inaugural High School Datathon4Justice will serve as a pilot program that can be replicated and adapted by other schools, organizations, and groups. This visible program of the National Math Festival will call attention to the power, beauty, and importance of math to shape change in our world and reveal and address injustice using quantitative methods.

Our Vision is to create a world in which kids and adults ‘dream big’ with math as one of the key tools in their toolkits! Participants will grow easier and more comfortable with mathematics as a language for expressing and exploring truths ingrained in their world. With mathematical fluency they will be more prepared to address and redress social injustices with quantitative skills. We seek to foster communities of change in which youth of all ages provide leadership in collaboration with adults dedicated to bringing out their potential for service.