Research Partnerships/Support

QSIDE partners with mission-driven non-profit and corporate
partners to provide data science analysis and research capacity. If
you are struggling to find, procure, clean, analyze, or use data in your
social justice work, we can help. Please contact COO Jude Higdon,, to discuss partnership opportunities to help
power your social justice work using cutting edge data techniques.

Previous/current partnerships:

QSIDE provided the data analysis for LifeWTR’s LifeUnseen project, illuminating the lack of diversity and representation in four critical areas of popular art: high fashion, art, popular music, and popular film.

QSIDE is partnering with RedCompass Labs to build algorithms to identify and disrupt Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

QSIDE is partnering with George Mason University to analyze and, when gaps are identified, address DEI representation in the STEM disciplines at the University.

We partnered with the National Gallery of Art as part of their 2019 Hackathon to determine how diverse the artists who were put on display in their galleries were.

We created a pop-up analysis team to quickly analyze data for the Puerto Rico Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers to support an amicus brief that they submitted to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Partnering with MSRI and the National Math Festival, we developed a high school social justice data science curricular module, and then used it to hold the first ever high school Datathon4Justice.

We worked as part of a working group to develop the Action to Catalyze Technology (ACT) Report, a call to action for CEOs in high tech to commit to diversifying the industry.

As part of the Walmart Foundation work to disrupt the school-prison nexus, we are working with the USC Race and Equity Center to analyze data and target interventions for highest impact.

We are partnering with Persevere Now and the Responsible Business Initiative for Justice to use data to identify opportunity youth and implement high-impact programs to disrupt the school-prison nexus.