Join the QSIDE Affiliate Program

We currently offer three tiers of affiliation: ally, associate, and partner, outlined in greater detail below. Becoming an affiliate is free.

Fundamental Principles

QSIDE and its affiliates act in accordance with these fundamental principles:

  • Scientific consensus builds the foundation of knowledge. If you do not believe in science, or scientific consensus, then our organization is not appropriate for you.
  • Populations and individuals with perceived, ascribed, or innate personal characteristics such as gender, gender expression, sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability status, family status, socioeconomic background and a number of other personally-identified characteristics, have been historically excluded from and/or hindered in full and equitable participation in society. This exclusion has had, and continues to have, deleterious personal, professional, and sociological impact. If you deny the existence of oppression based on these characteristics, or if you do not believe it is worth addressing, then our organization is not appropriate for you.
  • Bringing the two previous points together, good faith debate, discussion, research, and activism are meritorious. Disagreement among members about how to work towards social justice may occur, and we ask that it take place in a respectful and productive manner. However, our organization makes no room for arguing established scholarly consensus, unless such an argument is accompanied by a scholarly approach and a demonstrated intention or attempt to research alternative models.


This is the most general membership level, appropriate for anyone interested in being a visible supporter of social justice, and of the work done by QSIDE.

  • Be part of a social justice oriented community
  • Stay up-to-date on QSIDE’s work and on events/opportunities
  • Access QSIDE’s membership directory
  • Act in accordance with QSIDE fundamental principles
  • Consent to be listed in the QSIDE membership directory

QSIDE Associate

This membership level is appropriate for individuals who meet the definition of QSIDE Ally and are currently engaged in social justice efforts, perhaps through their own scholarship, professional work, and/or activism.

  • All benefits of QSIDE Ally membership
  • Eligibility to apply for QSIDE grants
  • Professional support for grant-writing, activism, and/or research that falls within the QSIDE mission
  • All requirements of QSIDE Ally membership
  • Place QSIDE Affilliate information in professional email signature
  • Cite QSIDE Affilliate status in appearances, presentations, and publications relevant to the QSIDE mission
  • Support occasional fundraising drives by sharing fundraising links on social media
  • Verify maintained social justice activity via a one-paragraph (maximum) summary of efforts submitted annually to renew QSIDE Affiliate membership

QSIDE Partner

This highest membership level is appropriate for individuals who meet the definition of the QSIDE Associate and are recently, currently, or imminently participating in QSIDE activities/projects.

  • All benefits of QSIDE Associate membership
  • Opportunity to influence the future goals and activities of QSIDE
  • Eligibility to apply for QSIDE Fellow status (when we launch this membership type)
  • All requirements of QSIDE Associate membership
  • Participate in at least one project housed within QSIDE