Recent QSIDE Fellows

QSIDE Fellows are a diverse group of individuals working together to achieve QSIDE’s mission.

Haleemah Atobiloye

QSIDE Senior Development and Research Fellow, Spring 2022

Haleemah Atobiloye (she/her/hers) is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Development with a concentration in International Political Economy at Ohio University. Haleemah believes that diversity in all its forms is an integral part of humanity and should be treated with such importance. Haleemah brings this belief and her technical ability to conduct mixed-method social (science) research to her Research Fellow position at QSIDE.

Tyrone Bass

QSIDE Senior Development Fellow, Spring 2022

Tyrone Bass (he/him/his) is a rising senior at Bennington College, where he is majoring in Human Geography and Music Studies. He is currently writing his thesis on sound’s function in maintaining white supremacist space, and how an epistomological change to our listening practices might resist the invisible sonic politics of race in the US. Tyrone is excited to work with QSIDE to bring about positive change through a collaborative research paradigm, and find ways to use what he has learned to the goal of creating a more equitable future.

Ethan Siau

QSIDE Senior Fellow, Spring 2022

Ethan Siau (he/him/his) is a senior majoring in Music and Economics at Northwestern University. He intends to leverage his experiences from this position to contribute to a more diverse and equitable workspace as he pursues a career in business and finance. Ethan is a returning Fellow and excited to continue supporting QSIDE in its mission to enact meaningful change.

Andrew Lopez

QSIDE Research Fellow, Spring 2022

Andrew Lopez (he/him/his) is a senior at Swarthmore College pursuing an honors major in Education and honors minor in Gender & Sexuality studies. With a passion for educational equity, Andrew has worked on research focusing on issues facing disadvantaged student populations, especially queer students of color, within schools in the United States. He believes that educational institutions serve a vital function in society as establishments that can either perpetuate or abolish prejudice, ignorance, and division. Andrew is excited to work with QSIDE and further support social justice efforts through quantitative research. In his free time, Andrew enjoys kayaking along the coast of his home state of California.

Estela Quiñones

QSIDE Development Fellow, Spring 2022

Estela Quiñones (they/them) Is a current junior at Bard college pursuing a bachelors in psychology. They hope to pursue talk therapy and research concerning the psyche under incarceration. Estela is looking forward to collaborating with like minded individuals also dedicated to social justice and positive change.

N’Kira Hailey

QSIDE Development Fellow, Spring 2022

N’Kira Hailey (she/her/hers) is a sophomore at Bard College, intending to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Film Production. Her intentions with having a joint major is to bring more awareness and discourse for underrepresented children through the compilation of clinical studies and interactive media. The work she has created was focused on her intersectionalities as she experiences college and learning different researching techniques that can strengthen a research study. She is recently focused on creating a more inclusive environment for the spaces she encompasses and hopes that with the new work opportunity at QSIDE, she is able to conquer that challenge.

Soha Kawtharani

QSIDE Development Fellow, Spring 2022

Soha (she/her/hers) recently graduated from Hamilton College with a major in mathematics and minor in psychology. As a junior, she did an independent psychology research project on resilience in Syrian refugee children in relation to Syrian parenting styles, parenting stressors resulting from war and displacement, and religion. Doing data analysis for that project opened her eyes to the power of data science and how essential of a tool it is in how we can scientifically approach social justice issues. She’s very excited to join QSIDE and learn more about how to use data science to further social justice causes! 

Gayathri Kaimal

QSIDE Development Fellow, Spring 2022

Gayathri Kaimal (She/her/hers) is currently a junior at Wilton High School. Gayathri believes diversity and equity can only be achieved through transparency. Her passion for math and social equity inspires her to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to fighting injustice. Gayathri is eager to continue her work with QSIDE and keep supporting research that shines a light on discrimination and inequity.

Past QSIDE Fellows