QSIDE Data4Justice Curriculum (Outline)

Through QSIDE’s Summer 2021 Community of Practice, we began to pull together resources to assist faculty members, departments, and programs teaching social justice data science courses with support resources. The QSIDE Fellows have been hard at work developing a QSIDE Data4Justice Curriculum, including:

  1. an introduction to the fields of data science and social justice, and their intersection point (and problematic histories);
  2. theoretical works on intersectional identity;
  3. datasets from QSIDE-sponsored research projects;
  4. sample statistical tests and corresponding sample problems applied to the datasets from item 3 above.

This project is in its infancy, and we plan to develop it out significantly, but we know that many in our community have asked for access to data sets to use in their courses and programs, so we didn’t want to wait until the project was completely polished to make it available. If you have additional resources, suggestions for improvements, datasets that we can add to the collection, or sample problems that you develop and are willing to add to our curriculum, please contact us.