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A bar graph showing Covid-19 test rates by zip code and ethnicity

City of Chicago: Covid-19 Testing Rates and Demographics

Image combines excerpts from the JUSTFAIR data visualization.
Image reads "National Sentencing by Race: Let's consider some 379,003 sentenced individuals in the Unites States, between 2008-2018. Here's their racial breakdown." Image shows a bar graph. Category "Hispanic" is red and 37%, Category "Black" is grey and 26%, Category "Other" is green at 5%, Category "White" is yellow at 30% and Category "Unknown" is blue at 3%.
Image reads: "Breakdown of 379,003 Sentences by Race. Out of 85 districts*, the below considers the 85 districts selected in the map above. Image shows a visualization of small pieces assembled together to create 3 wholes: a red one in category "Hispanic," a yellow one in category "White" and a grey one in category "Black."

JUSTFAIR: Judicial System Transparency through Federal Archive Inferred Records